Monday, 7 August 2017

Disney Addictions: Film Review

"Remember, when you go out not to put too much makeup otherwise the boys will get the wrong idea and you know how they are... " - Morgan (Enchanted)
I've decided to have a new type of Blog Post called Disney Addictions, where I will review some of my favourite Disney movies and just rant for about 700 ~ 800 words as to why I'm unhealithily obsessed with this £92 billon  industry which has been the foundation of my childhood and just made my life just a little more magical.

Star Rating: *****
Release Year: 2007
Run Time: 1hr 49mins
Amy Adams,
James Marsden,
 Patrick Dempsey,
 Susan Sarandon,
Timothy Spall,
 Idina Menzel,
Rachel Covey


Enchanted was released in 2007, making it 10 YEARS OLD! That's 3650 days or 521 weeks or even 5,256,000 minutes! That is an old movie. As they say old movies are usually classics, take Breakfast at Tiffany's for example, that was released in 1961 making that 56 years old; An absolute classic.
I would call Enchanted, for any of those who have not had the pleasure of watching it, a mixture of every beloved fairy tale to create a new one of it's own kind. With a fitting cast to portray the classic magic of which every Disney movie should possess.
So a little summary...

Banished by an evil queen, Princess Giselle (Adams) from a fairy tale world lands in modern Manhattan, where music, magic and the classic fairytale romance are sorely lacking. She is adrift in this strange new place until a divorce lawyer (Dempsey) comes to her aid. Giselle begins to fall for her flawed benefactor, but the storybook romace gets complicated when a prince from her world(Marsden) comes to rescue her.

The first thing to disscuss is definitely the clever crossover between the conventional cartoon structure of a Disney movie with the contrasted live- action modern day fairytale. We first see Enchanted begin in the classic manner of being in fairytale form, with ogres, magic and music being seen as the main factors of this Disney fairytale. The story then quickly progresses to be able to see Giselle tackle life in modern Manhattan. Through this you can clearly see that this almost automatic switch of worlds is representitave of Giselle's need for a classic fairytale romance, however she will not find it in Andalasia (her cartoon home) but in modern day Manhattan, which for her is definitely not the ideal location for a romance.

Andalasia is a typical fairytale home for our pricess Giselle. The typical thing for a Disney movie fan to say is that to find the man you love, you should hang out in a forest; which is technically true. But without Andalasia, there would be no Manhattan. So maybe, this is a way of again presenting Manhattan as untypical for a princess to find love.

As all Disney fans do, we always analyse the princess of the story to see how she can portray the role of women. So this is my analysis. Giselle seems to present herself primarily as a ditzy and clueless princess, randomly reminding me of Daphne from Scooby- Doo: always having to be saved by a man. The typical. However, when she enters the live-action section we do see her progress becoming more independent even though she relies on Dempsey's character to be able to get around modern life. By the end of the movie, we see yet again another role reversal, where Giselle must save her prince Robert (Dempsey) from the evil queen. This evidently presents female empowerment to girls of a young age through the idea that frankly the stereotypical princess, for lack of a better word b***s**t. She manages to fight for herself and for what she wants.Giving girls a positive message of how to tackle the world on your own.

That's what I love about Disney princess movies, even though there can be said to be flaws in the princesses by a modern standard, they all individually have qualities within them which are highly admirable by anyone's standards. Take the classic princess Cinderella, she taught that kindness is an extremely important and aimiable within a person overcoming oppression from her unkind step- family. Modern movies such as Beauty and the Beast teach that love isn't just based upon good-looks (Gaston) but upon strength of character and personality (The Beast).

I suppose you could call Enchanted a movie that pays homage to every single classic Disney fairytale. The classics are the best, The classics are the ones which we all have watched hundreds and hundreds of times as a child and still love to this day. By incorperating all the old ones, it creates a new one which is just as loveable as the ones in the past.

Our next discussion, is Dempsey's role as an unconventional love interest for Giselle the princess.
I suppose the main aspect which makes Dempsey's character so unconventional is the fact that he is a divorce lawyer, which in turn automatically rules him out for the audience as a love interest because of his pessimistic view upon romantic relationships, especially marriage. We see Robert (Dempsey's character) unable to comprehend how Giselle could know someone for only a day and want to marry them. I think this again ties in with the idea that the stereotypical fairytale and reality of love are complete and polar opposites to one another. Dempsey's attitude towards Giselle's sudden outbreaks into song and dance also bring out the unenthusiastic side to his personality outwards because of her fixation on the ideal of a fairytale romance. His reluctance to be able to allow fairytales to become part of his daughter's life also shows his inhability to allow imagination to take over.

But somehow, like any fairytale they fall in love. This is where we welcome the most romantic and Disney-fied ballroom scene ever! It' so cheesy I love it! Within this scene she truly discovers how much she has bonded with Robert and how dearly she loves him. In true Disney fashion this takes place at some sort of 15th Century style ballroom with costumes and everything! Before you give this a watch, I'll just give you a little spoiler when I say that throughout the movvie he makes clear his reluctance to dance and sing. ENJOY!

There are no words to be able to explain why I love this film so much. It's just perfect. Perfect cast. Perfect Music. Perfect Costumes. Perfect storyline.

Actually speechless at the moment.

I feel like this post has just been me rambling for about 2 hours about stuff that probably makes you think that I'm a crazy b**** but I am.

Of course, I'm aware that Disney Movies aren't exactly reality and I'm usually quite knowlegable about that fact, but there's something about this movie that just makes me melt. I love every Disney movie, but this one just has that edge which makes it my all time favourite. I'll probably turn out to be a 95 year old crazy cat lady rewatching this movie three times a day no failure. That's how much I love it.

I don't know whether to apologize for the amount of appreciation I've given this movie or whether I should just tell you to give it a watch and evaluate it for yourselves!

Thanks Guys!