Monday, 17 July 2017

Instagram Goals

"No one's life is as perfect as their Instagram feed"- Anon
Recently, I've been loving my own Instagram feed. I know it may seem extremely self-centred to be so confident of my own creation, but, I really do love what I'm posting at the moment. SO I thought I would use this post to show you guys some of my favourite posts from my entire Instagram feed and hopefully give you some inspiration too!

Instagram makes our lives seem perfect, but can I remind you that Instagram is a collection of single moments in our lives, Not every post is as interesting as it is made out to be through social media. Not everyone is always at restaurants and parties making sure their social media is updated before actually enjoying themselves at the moment.

I personally believe even though I love my posts on the social media site, they are quite mundane.

I'd just like to say that these photos are not taken using a professional camera, but are all taken with the camera on my mobile phone.

I thought that this would make a good & quick post for you guys to look at on a Monday morning!

Heasd over for my Instagram page @life_as_abbie for more!

Thanks Guys!

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